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Tropical Music - Zouk - Kompas - reggae - dancehall - Mp3 - downloadTropical Music - Zouk - Kompas - reggae - dancehall - Mp3 - download

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Create, share and listen to tropical music playlists.

Zouk - Kompa - Reggae - Dancehall - Makossa - Ndombolo - Coupé décalé - Soca... etc.

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In this playlist:
  - Just a dream - Koneksyon
  - M'moi - Zouk Machine
  - Et si on faisait (Ft Nadia Faubert) - Djakout Mizik
  - Drog Mwen - Gabel
  - Chans Mwen - Djakout Mizik
  - Anyen Pa Etenel - Gabel
  - Ou Fem Transpote (Ou Se) - Fahrenheit

AfroMontreal Staff Playlists: Hours of non stop tropical & urban music!

Pot Pourri 100% Afrique

Best of african music. From Abidjan to Douala, with transits in Kinshassa, Dakar, Libreville, Conakry, Lagos, you get the best of african music: coupé décalé, ndombolo, makossa, mbalax, high life... and more!

Ahh Mouf Mi Dé

This is the ILICS music station: 100% makossa, bikutsi ...etc. Cameroonian music at its best!

100% Made In Congo

Ndombolo, Soukouss, Rumba ...etc. From Koffi Olomidé to Extra Musica, Wenge Musica and all the other congo music stars.

Hip Hop Rap Playlist

Hip hop & rap music station featuring US Rap music of course but also some creole rap music and african rap music...

Abidjan On Dit Quoi

Coupé décalé, mapouka, zouglou NON STOP! Music from cote d'ivoire live 24/7. All the hits, all the new music!

Total Kompas

Best of haitian music live 24/7: all the kompas hits, all the new kompa, from T-Vice to Zenglen, from Port-au-Prince to Montreal, Miami, Boston, New-York, Paris ...etc.

Mundo Latino

Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, ...etc. Every thing latin is right here!

Reggae DanceHall Riddim

Reggae, dancehall, dub, ska from all over the world: Caribbean, African, European ...etc. This playlist is a MUST for reggae music lovers.

Reggae & Dancehall Creole

Dancehall & reggae music, French Creole style: Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, ...etc.

Pure R&B and Soul

Best of newschool and oldschool R&B: US, Franco, Afro, Creole ...etc.

Mbalax & Compagnie

Music from Senegal:Mbalax! Want a taste of Dakar? This is the place to be!

Zouk Radio Caraibes

A live 24/7 Zouk radio station with all the zouk hits, new zouk, zouk retro, zouk love, kizomba, afrozouk, cabozouk ...etc.

Zouk Radio Nouveautés

Only New Zouk

Zouk R&B Station

zouk R&B, Ghetto Zouk, Zouk ragga

100% Zouk Rétro

Oldschool Zouk Music

Zouk World Station

Cabozouk, kizomba & afrozouk

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